Botanical Art Worldwide – ‘Art of the Plant’

Botanical Art Worldwide is an international exhibition featuring botanical works of art from 25 participating countries. Designated as Worldwide Day of Botanical Art, all exhibitions will be open for this day, May 18, 2018. The 40 original pieces of indigenous plants presented in each venue will also be shown as digital projections in all venues around the world. What a wonderful way to celebrate the diverse flora of our shared planet!

​"linking people with plants through botanical art"

The Stonewall Gallery, 'Art of the Plant'​

​May 22, 2018 was the official opening of ‘Art of the Plant’, Canada’s contribution to the international exhibition, Botanical Art Worldwide. This monumental exhibition features 40 botanical works of art from each of 25 participating countries.
Canada’s contribution, ‘Art of the Plant’, runs until October 14, 2018 in the Canadian Museum of Nature’s Stonewall Gallery. As with all venues, Canada presents the works of all other participating countries via digital projection.
With complimentary events being offered throughout this exhibition, it is worth making the Canadian Museum of Nature and its beautiful Stonewall Gallery a destination during the lush and colourful seasons of 2018.

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​As a member of the Botanical Artists of Canada,
​I thought it would be nice to feature all of the works of this botanical society.

For inquires regarding my piece, 
Arisaema atrorubens  Woodland Jack-in-the-pulpit,
please contact

​'Art of the Plant' Catalog

To order this beautiful, quality catalog,
contact the Canadian Museum of Nature.

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