A black bird flew into my dreams ...

... carrying a shiny piece of metal

Feature Design - Water Element Pendant

Image renderings of my “Water Element” pendant design, digitally sculpted in ZBrush, 2024.

This piece is designed to be cast in sterling silver, with a combination of brushed and high polish, and finished in the recessed areas with a dark patina.  Feel free to contact me if you are interested in this piece. 

Creative Current

From Natural Science Illustration in traditional and digital mediums, a deeper dive into the digital world now surfaces as digital Jewelry Design and traditional silversmithing.  You may be here for one portfolio or the other.  Depending, please follow Jewelry Designs or Illustration.  For my 3d services with uncannyValley.design, please follow here.

Custom Design & Crafting

Let’s discuss your vision.
Contact info@riverravensilvercraft.com

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