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Custom Portraiture

I am now offering realistic portraiture. Portraits are digitally painted using a Wacom tablet and stylus, in concert with software that offers tools to simulate traditional watercolour and coloured pencil, along with others to create the finer details.

​The Delight that is "Bowie" the Pug

Here’s “Bowie” to kickstart the venture: In the words of his human bff, “Bowie is really sweet and couldn’t hurt a fly if he tried. He is pretty cheeky and will get into stuff he knows he shouldn’t, like grabbing a shoe and walking really slow across the room with it as if walking slowly means we won’t see him. : )
He likes to stop and smell the flowers on walks and his favourite activities include eating freezies, rolling in the grass, and snoozing. He is most excitable in the morning and gets lazier as the day goes on.
​We always say he’s a romantic or sentimental because he really likes music. He will sit by my husband when he practices (and will howl along with the harmonica), and will typically have a favourite toy that he takes to bed every night.”

digital coloured pencil dog portrait Bowie
"Bowie", digital coloured pencil © Suzanne M Matheson, 2018

Here’s a question for you:
Which version of Bowie do you like best?

​Please leave your thoughts in the comments.

digital coloured pencil dog portrait Bowie under Blue Skies
"Bowie under Blue Skies", digital coloured pencil © Suzanne M Matheson, 2018
digital coloured pencil dog portrait Bowie in Flower Power
"Bowie in Flower Power", digital coloured pencil © Suzanne M Matheson, 2018

How does it work?

Clients provide me with photographs as reference and a brief written description that will give me insight into their loved one’s character. I ask them to indicate the photo that reveals their preferred pose, with other photos allowing for clarification in areas of shadow, as well as further insight.

The final product is provided as 300 dpi digital files in three formats:

  • tiff (uncompressed);
  • png (for print requiring no white background); and,
  • jpg (white background by default).

The files allow for quality printing up to an 8″ x 10″ image size, for 11″ x 14″ frame size. Portraits start at $300.00 CAD.  Subject-only portraits, as represented by “Bowie”, the first portrait above, represent this price point.  Added features can be negotiated.

Exchange of funds/images is accomplished via etransfer, followed by an email containing a Google Drive link.
As custom commissions, there are no refunds.

For inquiries, please email suzannemmatheson@gmail.com

"My husband and I absolutely adore the portrait Suzanne has put together of our Bowie! She truly captured his personality and likeness, it looks just like him! Suzanne was amazing to work with. She takes the time to get to know your pet through you to ensure she gets everything just right! I would recommend her to anyone looking for a keepsake of their furry family member."

More Samples of My Work

Versatile, hand-crafted paintings of your loved ones.

Digitally painted for print-on-demand versatility.

​Interested in having a portrait done
of someone you care about?
Contact suzannemmatheson@gmail.com

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